Friday, October 17, 2008

MEA Knittin' and Cake eaters

Today, I'm knittin'! Hopefully all day today. Trying to get some things off needles (aren't we all?!) I really, really want to finish the knitted birthday/wedding cake that I started on a lark from Karen A's pimpin' me with this darn picture at knitting group a few months back.

Here's CORI's STORY:

Last Easter I knit a afghan for my 11-year-old daughter Kiley. The pattern was for a horses head on the middle of a grey background and dark green trellis. Once started, I realized I had to knit a ton of flowers and leaves in order to stitch them onto the afghan around the horses head for a champion ring of roses. Once completed, Ki, my daughter, didn't want all thoses roses and leaves on her afghan! Several months later Karen A from my Thursday knitting group gives me this picture (see pic): ( of a crochet cake and implies that the overachieving knitter (cori) should make it.

I don't think I even blinked - I already had all those flowers and leaves made so . . . . Now that 2 1/2 layers of the cake are completed I need to sew those flowers on and see just what I've made! Should it be sold on e-bay to the highest bidder. Mine looks more like coconut icing as I did all the knitting of the cake with Sirdar's Snowflake Double Knitting white yarn. I'll post the picture of the actual "Cori cake" when I complete it TOMORROW - ha! May be wishful thinking but the more I sew the better this darn cake looks. As you can see, even the colorway of the flowers was similar from one project to the next.
OK, until next week
Next week: number of projects on needles vs. UFOs
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Friday, October 10, 2008

Today is the first day of the rest of my blogging life

Yes, I finally did it. I am posting my first blog today and setting up my new etsy account so that I can then get over to Ravelry and get my patterns selling again. I am excited that I am finally going to take a Web class so soon I will also have my own web page. I have 28 patterns currently written that I will be selling - most of these are from Virginia where I was teaching many more knitting classes and doing a lot ot knitting workshops. Since our move to Minnesota, I have not had a class to teach although I did sell some patterns to a couple of local yarn stores. Mostly I have been trying to find knitting groups to join and finally have found a couple that I frequent regularly. I meet with a group on Thursdays at noon at the local Byerlys grocery store. It is a high-end grocery with a nice restaurant. We knit from 12-2 but also eat lunch while we are there. About 8 or 10 women seem to show up each week and we are really LOUD so they have stuck us back in the corner next to the kitchen. Almost every other Thursday around 1:45 the chef in the kitchen starts cooking something that resembles a cross between a dead fish and cooked cabbage or cauliflower and we sit there and make fun of how bad the stench can be.We think he might actually be making coleslaw but the air is sometimes unbreathable. Then of course you start to laugh because, really, who would put up with this? Only knitters who are completely determined to knit together!