Friday, October 17, 2008

MEA Knittin' and Cake eaters

Today, I'm knittin'! Hopefully all day today. Trying to get some things off needles (aren't we all?!) I really, really want to finish the knitted birthday/wedding cake that I started on a lark from Karen A's pimpin' me with this darn picture at knitting group a few months back.

Here's CORI's STORY:

Last Easter I knit a afghan for my 11-year-old daughter Kiley. The pattern was for a horses head on the middle of a grey background and dark green trellis. Once started, I realized I had to knit a ton of flowers and leaves in order to stitch them onto the afghan around the horses head for a champion ring of roses. Once completed, Ki, my daughter, didn't want all thoses roses and leaves on her afghan! Several months later Karen A from my Thursday knitting group gives me this picture (see pic): ( of a crochet cake and implies that the overachieving knitter (cori) should make it.

I don't think I even blinked - I already had all those flowers and leaves made so . . . . Now that 2 1/2 layers of the cake are completed I need to sew those flowers on and see just what I've made! Should it be sold on e-bay to the highest bidder. Mine looks more like coconut icing as I did all the knitting of the cake with Sirdar's Snowflake Double Knitting white yarn. I'll post the picture of the actual "Cori cake" when I complete it TOMORROW - ha! May be wishful thinking but the more I sew the better this darn cake looks. As you can see, even the colorway of the flowers was similar from one project to the next.
OK, until next week
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